The term “lean” can have various meanings depending on the context. Here are some of the primary interpretations given in the table.

Physical Orientationlean means to incline or bend from a vertical position.He leaned against the wall.
Fitness and PhysiqueIn the context of health and fitness, “lean” refers to having a low percentage of body fat. A lean person is typically slim and muscular.She has a lean body from years of training.
Business and ManufacturingLean manufacturing or lean management is a systematic method for minimizing waste without sacrificing productivity. The goal is to create more value for customers with fewer resources.The company adopted lean principles to improve efficiency.
Economics and FinanceIn economic terms, “lean” can describe periods of minimal profit or resources.The company is going through lean times financially.
Food and NutritionIn the context of food, “lean” refers to meat that has a low-fat content.Lean cuts of meat are healthier options.
Slang“Lean” can also refer to recreational drug concoctions, particularly a mixture of codeine, soda, and candy, often known as “purple drink” or “sizzurp.”Some artists in the hip-hop community have been known to drink lean.

Each of these definitions applies to different scenarios, so the intended meaning of “lean” is usually clear from the context in which it is used.