What is a point of view?

Your point of view is your opinion about a problem, issue, object, and personality. Your point of view is your angle of thought that base you set your point of view.

Example of a point of view.

I thought that person was a good man, but my brother thought that person was not a good man. There are two different points of view about a man. We can say it has two different angles of thought about a man.

Importance of point of view.

Point of view can clear misunderstandings. To expose fake news between organizations. Make mindsets of others about things. To know the difference between right and wrong things and how to make right what is wrong. Knowing the reality of things clears the mindset and changes the angle of thought.

How to collect others’ point of view

  1. Face-to-face contact
  2. Meetings
  3. Training rooms
  4. Seminars
  5. To set up a survey

What is a suggestion?

Your suggestion is your thoughts on anything it may make better than the present. Your suggestion depends on your honesty with human betterment because the suggestion is only related to human resource activities.

Example of a suggestion.

I suggest to the company executive that a water cooler for workers to drink cold water in the hot season. That is better for workers’ health and increases production.

Importance of suggestions.

To gain the trust of others. Suggestions organize the better structure of the organization. To give a choice to others to know what they want.

Suggestions collection

  1. Seminars
  2. Meetings
  3. Suggestion box
  4. E.Mails
  5. Letters

What is an idea?

The idea is something to make new or innovate a new thing for betterment. The first thought that comes into your mind to doing some activity is also called an idea.

Example of an idea.

I made a vegetable cutting machine. I will do this to expose that person, these are my two different ideas.

Importance of ideas.

Innovation to make life easy machines. To make better or new activity. To save cost, save life, better environment, and achieve organizational goals as soon as possible.

How to get others ideas?

  1. Announce a reward for the best ideas.
  2. Appreciation of ideas
  3. Give a percentage to work on ideas that save money.
  4. To set up idea sharing competition.