Policy Rule and regulation and three different words and have different definitions and importance in our business and personal lives.

What is a Policy?

The policy is an activity and law that is good and useful for any purpose, like giving some support to needy people. You did something good for yourself and others like honesty is the best policy. Saving is a good policy.

Example of policy.

The energy-saving policy is a very useful policy for individuals, organizations, and industry. Quality policy is about your product standards.

Purpose of the policy.

For betterment in individual life, organization, and industry, like energy saving policy and quality policy.
To give a benefit to your company’s workers with a condition is also a company policy.

What are roles?

Set the standards on which life, company, or organization run these are rules. In the company, the recruitment rules and different posts have different rules.

Examples of Rules.

The country rules that a person victim of theft will be punished with 6 years in jail. That is the rule of the country.

Purpose of the rule.

Set different limitations on power for different posts in the organization and industry. To create a better work environment in the industry.

What are the regulations?

The parameters and limitations set in the rule are called regulations. The tolerance in the rule is a regulation.

Example of regulation

Changing the rules with the circumstances and conditions are called regulations.

Purpose of regulations

Creating flexibility in rules.