Any businessman, industrialist, or supervisor must be familiar with these industrial thumb rules. These thumb rules are essential when training your industrial supervisors and responsible posts.

1. Solve the problem with teamwork.

Problem-solving is a significant factor. We need to train our managers and leaders to run the industry or business. And make a suitable environment for workers.

Some issues and problems make the manager or leader hyper and under stress. The manager cries at the worker to solve the problem but does not focus on the problem. Why does this problem disappear again and again?

Sometimes leaders or managers give punishment to workers, without struggling to find a solution to the problem.

This is not good for Managers or Leaders to blame the worker for the problem. They should discuss the situation with workers to find out the solution to the problem. Solution finding of the issue is more accessible in a relaxed mood than stress.

Problem-solving is very important in our personal and business life. It is also essential to improve our business life’s work environment. If we face a problem again and again we should find out the solution to the problem.

First of all, we check the root cause of the problem and point out the first reason for the problem.

2. Focus on what can be done.

Some people show extraordinary activity but they can’t do it. They work on many tasks in these tasks. They can do some tasks but they can’t do some of the tasks. Sometimes people have a little bit of knowledge of many skills. But if they have no experience with these skills. Then they can’t perform better using these skills.

If you have many tasks in these tasks, you can do some tasks but others can’t, so you should categorize these tasks. Like category A tasks, category B tasks, and category C tasks. The tasks which you can do and that you have the knowledge and experience. List these in category A tasks. The tasks you have knowledge of but you have no experience with are category B tasks. The tasks you do not know and have no experience with the tasks in category C tasks.

  1. Manage your tasks and make a list of tasks and workers.
  2. Manage your team and focus on category A tasks without wasting time.
  3. Arrange the team for category B tasks.
  4. Category C tasks that you and your team can’t do so follow these points.
5.01. Hire new workers for these tasks having experience with these tasks.
5.02. If no new hires so manage your team and start smartly working on these tasks. (Smart work)
5.03. Gain top knowledge from the best sources. (best source)
5.04. Analyze gained knowledge of the situation and requirements.
5.05. Enlist all workers and choose a team and discuss tasks with the team.5.06. Encourage ideas and note all ideas from team members.
5.07. Manage tasks and work points.
5.08. Give points to workers for pre-training and mindset.
5.09. Start the task with confidence and write the progress and issue of the task daily.
5.10. Find a solution to the issues that you face during work at task.
5.11. When you complete your task compare your task with other same tasks. Write all mistakes which you have made while working on the task.
5.12. Appreciate your team completing the task.

3. Encourage different points of view and honest dialogue.

Encourage different points of view and honest dialogue. Different people have different points of view. The point of view about an issue, problem, or suggestion. Shows your mind level, experience, society, and lifestyle. Sometimes seniors do not accept the junior’s point of view. Because they feel ego problems and jealousy. A leader and a manager should listen, appreciate, and put on workers’ points of view. If the point of view is authentic and reasonable. In industry, the worker’s point of view is very essential. Collecting points of view in a meeting and seminar.

4. Express your feelings in a good way.

Express your feelings in a good way. Some people when expressing their feelings blame others. They show that this person is the reason for their failure. There are so many hidden reasons for the success and failure of a person. Always express your feelings in good words, show that you are in trouble or suffering from pain, and blame others when you are in a meeting, seminar, or gathering. Creates a tense environment in personal and business life. Industrial life is needed to establish public relations. For the betterment of the future. Your feelings can hurt others so think before expressing your feelings.

5. Accept ownership on your part of the problem.

If you are a part of the system, you are responsible for the system’s result it may be good or bad. Problems are not a sign of failure but the most important to take responsibility for the problem. When a person takes responsibility for problems. He shows that he has the willpower to overcome these problems. Mistakes are the nature of humans. So the problems created by the mistake and problems are the cause of others’ mistakes. Don’t blame and help the other to find out the root cause of the problem. Problem-solving is a very important topic in business and individuals. Accept responsibility for the problem. Even if you know the other people are also the reason for this problem. So don’t blame them in front of others and don’t make back betting.

Arrange a meeting with your all team and find out the main reason for the problem. For problem or fault finding, create a why, and why analysis report. Sort out the cause of problems from the route cause.

6. Listen to the other person’s point of view before giving your own.

Another person’s point of view may be different from your point of view. First, the most important to listen and understand the other’s point of view. Maybe the other’s point of view is more reasonable and effective than your point of view. Listening and understanding other people’s points of view. Gives you some new things, suggestions, and ideas from his experience of life.

It’s a sign that Goodman first listens other than when you speak. When you listen to other people’s points of view. This thing gives the other person more confidence and motivation. Listening to others with attention and a cool mind and giving positive feedback is a good manner. And a good habit in life is to increase our value to other people. This thing gives respect to others. If you do not listen to the other person’s point of view. This thing has a bad effect on others’ confidence and morals. And the other person who wants to give his point of view feels hesitation and stress. This decreases your personality and importance in front of other people. As a leader, managers, and supervisors we should understand the mindset of workers. by collecting their point of view for betterment.

7. Show respect for the other person’s point of view.

The people are important for your society, business, office, and team. A single man can’t do a lot of things, people and workers are necessary for business and production units. An industrialist and businessman earns and grows his business through the struggle of a worker. So it’s important to give respect to the worker and the worker’s point of view. If you give respect to a person you also give respect to his point of view. If an industry gives respect to its workers. Create a better environment in the industry and attract good workers. If you respect the other person’s point of view so should show this thing. If you do some work on it like,

  1. Listen to the other person’s point of view with attention.
  2. Don’t cross-talk others,s points of view.
  3. Do not reply before completing the other’s point of view.
  4. Write the other person’s point of view.
  5. If the other person’s point of view is valid and authentic, so put it in place and appreciate the person.
  6. If any person’s point of view is not valid, don’t blame him in front of others.
  7. If any person’s point of view is opposite to your point of view, don’t retaliate.

8. Solve the problem while building the relationship.

Problems are natural things in any field of life like individual, family, business, and worker life. When you face some problems, don’t blame others and don’t back-bit. Blame and back-betting create a big gap between your relationship. and the problems are not solved in this situation. Always solve the problems and discuss them with your organization and your seniors. If the reason for the problem is a specific person, forgive him and give him a chance to maintain himself.