Definition of Work ethics.

Performing work using the best effort and all specialties with honesty and loyalty is called work ethic.

Social Work ethics.

Know your job description (JD).

Job Description (JD) is the first requirement of the company that gives you a job. Knowledge of the job description (JD) is the first duty of an employee. Some companies give ads in newspapers or other media sources showing some job descriptions about this post.

Learn company rules for your JD.

Know the flexibility in your JD.

Your Speed of action against work is essential.

Prepare yourself for expected and unexpected work.

Satisfy your senior with your work.

Know who your customer is.

Focus on customer satisfaction.

Behavior with customers under stress and workload.

Work quality under workload or stress.

Confident under workload and stress.

Teamwork and individual work.

Work in front of senior and absence of your seniors.

Behavior in front of your senior.